Professional Tree Trimming & Removal Services for All Your Needs

James Sanford's Tree Service is a company that provides viable solutions to its customers. Based in Orange, TX, we offer a variety of tree care services, and here you can find additional information about what we do. Read on to learn more!

Tree Trimming Services

Hiring experts to manage tree trimming jobs is about more than just convenience. Trimming and pruning are essential for the proper and healthier growth of your trees and should be left to the professionals. With our company, you can rely on a team of experts who will free your trees from dead, overgrown, or unnecessary branches. We can also shape tree crowns. Meeting your specific requirements is something we can easily do. Contact us today!

tree trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal Services

James Sanford's Tree Service also specializes in performing tree removal work. We can cut down trees of any size and will ensure the safety of the area surrounding each tree we are working on. This way, we make sure to avoid any and all potential accidents during the removal of larger or dead trees. Count on us to complete the job in an efficient manner!

Stump Removal Services

In addition, we offer a timely and professional stump removal service. Our crew will use top-grade stump grinding equipment to help you get rid of any inconvenient stump without any hassle. With our assistance, you can remove several stumps in one day. Just give us a call.

Tree Hauling Services

Moreover, we use modern transportation vehicles to provide our clients with convenient tree hauling options. That is right, you can hire us to both cut your trees, and haul away any fallen leaves, branches, and trunks.

Known for our integrity, operating at reasonable rates, and located in Orange, TX, we have been in business since 2018, providing local customers with excellent services. Your satisfaction is our main priority. Call us at (409) 779-7233 to book an appointment or ask us anything regarding our terms!