Need Quality Firewood for the Winter? Call Our Tree Service Providers!

The people of Orange, TX know they can count on James Sanford's Tree Service to provide them with an exemplary tree service. However, only a few know that we also sell firewood. To discover more about services and see if we can assist you this season, read this page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our firewood for sale. We will gladly address them right away!

We are your one-stop-shop for top-quality firewood. Our company is the area’s leading supplier of premier quality logs. We serve residential and commercial clients and are confident that we have what you need. We have a choice of kiln-dried logs and pellets to keep your home and family warm this winter.

Since its inception, James Sanford's Tree Service has been a premier choice for businesses and households requiring affordable yet quality firewood. And because we are responsible distributors, we obtain the wood from qualified suppliers. We never compromise on the quality of the batches we send to our customers.

Our tree service professionals take the time to examine every order before shipping it to its destination. They do this to ensure our customers are never disappointed with the product we provide for them. The firewood for sale consists of quality hardwood logs and differs from the alternatives you find in local garden centers and petrol stations.

Our wood burns slowly, giving more heat than the manufactured alternative. Keep your home warm and create the perfect atmosphere for your loved ones. Source your firewood from James Sanford's Tree Service in Orange, TX. To learn more about our tree service or place an order, call (409) 779-7233. We will be happy to assist you!